Thin Threads Read about different ways Thin Threads come to life: Explore how one teacher had profound impact on the life of a student with MS - and ten years later, that student continues to ‘thread it forward.’ Read about our co-editor Ellen Gerst and her story of overcoming life’s most tragic loss…now she helps countless readers find renewal following their grief.

Imagine getting in a cab only to realize that your ‘thin thread’ is a cab driver who connects you to the person who will launch your career! Discover how ‘thin threads’ are everywhere – even in a smile or a word that connects two people who share a dark secret. Is it possible that your luggage can be the ‘thin thread’ that can save your life?

We will share stories and anecdotes from writers who help us embrace the beautiful roads along this journey of life, and we invite you to comment and participate in weaving threads of connections!

07 December 2011 ~ 0 Comments

And the seasons they go round and round

Joni Mitchell always made me smile when she sang those famous words to circle game.  No wonder that years later, another one of my favorite songs that brings a smile to my face is “windmills of your  mind,” written originally by Noel Harrison, but sung beautifully by Sting & Jose Feliciano (not together). While the [...]

07 November 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Joy is in the moment!

I love this – but do not know the source, as it was sent around by email.  If you know who wrote it – PLEASE comment and I will post it all over our Thin Thread facebook pages There are two days in every week we should not worry about, two days that should be [...]

28 October 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Why be open to connections that don’t seem apparent?

Why be open to connections that don’t seem apparent? Thin Threads & Kiwi Publishing (and me, Stacey Battat) were featured this week in our CT region’s daily newspaper, The New Haven Register and it was such  a treat to hear from people –both online and in person, who were truly happy for us and the [...]

06 October 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Letting life’s battles storm OVER our heads

I recently read a New York Times Sunday Styles article about a man and women who were dating , and were very unsure of a long term commitment.  A bit older, and geographically VERY distant, they continued to date when they happened to be in the same City.  While on a date during this featured [...]

08 September 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Friendship and the surprises life offers us!

Excerpt from: An Unexpected Child Seals A Forever Friendship By Noelle Alix and Angela Martin   Noelle and I cannot explain the chemistry that makes friends connect on first meeting. For us it was immediate.  A glimpse, a smile, and a friendship began.  Of course, we couldn’t have known that our friendship would be forever [...]

05 September 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Join us Thurs for FUN at the Museum of Motherhood!

Aren’t we always in transition??? I feel so excited to continue to welcome change, and I also believe that the mere fact that I welcome it is the key to my happiness.  My daughter started her first year in college last week and feels so ready and prepared to face this new time in her [...]

27 July 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Omega & a story about Intergenerational friendships!

Dr. Stephan Rechtschaffen, founder of of the Omega Institute, http://www.eomega.org/omega, gives us advice in connecting with new people,  In his timeless book from the last decade, Timeshifting, Dr. Rechtschaffen discusses how Americans greet one another in defining themselves by their work only. A typical comment between strangers, he says, is “what do you do?”  It [...]

27 July 2011 ~ 0 Comments

a joke i never tire of

I wish i could find the source for this wonderful joke that i love to read to women at my women events.  I KNOW you will ALL enjoy it! One day, when a seamstress was sewing while sitting close to a river, her thimble fell into the river. When she cried out, the Lord appeared [...]

18 July 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Pause this summer to reconnect or dream with friends!

Pause this summer to reconnect or dream with friends!

One of my favorite quotes about pauses, which opens up our pathways of vision, was made famous by the great pianist Arthur Rubenstein.   When asked “how do you  handle the notes as well as you do?” he responded:  I handle the notes no better than many other, but the pauses – ah!’ That is where [...]

08 May 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Happy Mother’s Day!

As we come upon Mother’s Day, I really have so much to be thankful  for and hope to inspire you to take on the beauty in the ‘motherhood’ moments of our lives, whether or not you are a mom.  If nothing else, I hope you will reflect with me on what your mother gave you [...]