A Stranger Who Saved A Life “…Uncomfortable to phone a stranger, I begged the school psychologist and my boss to call Richard, but both sympathetically returned the burden. I finally accepted my boss’s offer to “guard” my closed office door from interruption as I dialed Richard’s number.

(days later)… “Did you know about her phone call?” he asked. As the principal nodded, Richards’ direct glance held us breathless as he continued, “Well, what she didn’t know was that I had a gun ready that night and I had plans to use it. It took a stranger to call me and wake me up…”
Scars From the Past
“I recalled the intensity of the pain and the weight of the insecurity, but then something flickered in my mind. I saw the faces of my past teachers, my childhood friends, my grandmother and grandfather, my aunt, my sisters, and many others who had reached out to me when I was a child. I tried to understand why I didn't allow them to affect me all those years ago. Slowly I realized that I had been frightened by the potential for more loss and suffering. I was terrified of loving and losing yet again. Even at the age of 10, I was convinced that love was a pipe dream.

Two marriages, three affairs, and two divorces later, I understood love to be fleeting and painful. I never thought that I was good enough for anything better, but I always wanted more. By seeing myself in this girl and then discovering that we shared a dark and dangerous secret, I knew what I had to do for myself…”
Unforeseen Turn
“…He knew his ribs were broken because he could taste iron from the blood in his mouth. After tumbling over the handle bars of his Suzuki GSXR1000 motorcycle, 25 year-old Jeremy McGhee’s body grated against the pavement, skidding to a ragged halt in the middle of a busy California intersection. For the first time in his life, he couldn’t feel or move his legs. He lay there, stunned by the hard landing, taking stock of his injuries. As Jeremy’s thoughts cleared, he began contemplating a question that had never occurred to him before—What would life be like without the use of his legs?...”
The Carpenter
“…My therapist had long encouraged me to create a loving, nurturing home for myself before trying to partner with someone else.

"Once you have settled squarely in your own life, your partner will find you, and he will fit in easily," she assured me.

While I followed her advice, my life changing moment truly occurred at a moment that I felt ready to command the universe to bring me my partner NOW!”

(Little did I know what else was in store that I asked for and have now received...)
“…Canadian Football hero Terry Evanshen determination and fearlessness was inborn from scrappy childhood in a tough neighborhood and largely contributed to his success on the football field. That part of him somehow survived, his life changing accident and he refused to give up trying to regain as much of his former self as he could. He began giving motivational talks in the late 1990’s entitled “Seize the Day.” A charismatic speaker, he touches his audience with his honesty and tremendous will to survive…”